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About EEF

Peggy Lee Nielsen has adored horses since she was 10 years old! Her grandfather owned stables in Patuxent, MD and she just had to have a horse of her own! Peggy never lost her love for horses; it has been her motivation all this time! 

In 1988, Larry and Peggy bought the 40 acre property that would later become Edwards Equestrian Facility! 25 years later and the farm is still going stronger than ever! Peggy and Larry live very close by to the property, but their farm is where they spend the majority of their time!


Edwards Equestrian Facility was founded in June 1988, by Larry and Peggy Lee Nielsen. In the past 25 years, they have met many unique characters - both human and horse! They guarantee a family oriented, and natural home for your horse(s).


Our Farm is on 40 acres of wooded land, with a stream and  trails to explore!


Located minutes from the I-95 Exits!




“I am so blessed and happy to have my horses at EEF! Join the Farm Family today!”

“Peggy is such a great mentor! Her knowledge and experience proves time and time again why EEF is the best choice for my horse and I!”

“Secluded, but yet close to the highway and Bel Air Proper! It's a great Farm and in a great location!”

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