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EEF Services -

Boarding, Leasing, & Lessons

For questions about our services and pricing, please drop us a line! 410-404-0606


Please call 410-404-0606 for pricing! Pricing varies. Full boarding typically starts at $380 a month. 


Also included with our Boarding program:


·        Unlimited access to all facilities 

·        Grain Twice Daily

·        Clean, quality Hay

·        Wellness Monitoring Twice Daily

·        Turnout in wooded green pastures for grazing, with fresh running water in stock tanks in each field

·        Large stalls, each with an electric outlet for heated water buckets in the winter, and fans in the summer*

·        Sawdust bedding

·        Stalls and buckets cleaned daily

·        Horses handled by trained personnel at all times

·        Free trailer parking

·        New horses have a 3-5 day adjustment time to get acquainted upon arrival to our Farm

*Heated water bucket and fan must be provided by the owner.


Edwards Equestrian Facility offers several kinds of horse leases, whether long-term or just for lessons. Leasing one of our horses gives you the flexibility of riding up to 3 times per week and enjoying all of the great amenities that Edwards Equestrian Facility has to offer for a low set monthly lease rate. If you are not ready to commit to horse ownership, leasing a horse at Edwards Equestrian Facility would be a great option.


Please call us for more information on Horse Leasing, 410-404-0606


Please call us for more information on Lessons, 410-404-0606

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